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Purchase our installation service after paying for your murals on this page. You will need to key in the Mural Order Number when purchasing our installation services.

Trim Guide

Order your mural with an allowance of 5cm margin all round, (final measurement should have additional 10cm height and width). This allows us to trim the mural at the edges during installation. (Suitable for walls without beams, electrical casing etc.)

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This page requires flash and is not optimised for use on mobile devices. We recommend switching to your computer for ease of purchasing murals on this page.

Material Guide

For murals printed on vinyl, discoloration is unavoidable when in contact with water, moisture, damp cloth or abrasion. Other materials such as vinyl premium and PIXERStick are more resistant to water and abrasion.

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Murals – graphics on your walls – are just the thing to add that special touch to your home. Whether you're a sports fanatic, fashion addict, nature lover or art afficionado, there's bound to be a design just for you. Pick from our vast collection of over 20 million designs or customise with your own photographs or artwork. For an added durability, be sure to selection materials like Vinyl Premium to withstand water and abrasion.