4 Important Factors to Consider Before You Confirm the Wallpaper Company for Your Project

1. Match to Your Style (Not Just Cheap Wallpaper or Sticker)

Most people walk into a wallpaper shop with the intention to buy cheap wallpaper in Singapore to fill up their blank walls. Instead of buying cheap wallpaper, we strongly recommend you to select wallpaper that will match your style. These are the different styles generally available for Korean wallpaper or European wallpaper in Singapore:

  • Minimalist Wallpaper - Keeping things simple that is soothing
  • Classic Wallpaper - Steeped in tradition that is calm, orderly and predictable
  • Elegant Wallpaper - Focusing on details that are inviting and comfortable
  • Modern Wallpaper - Reflection of the modern art movement
  • Retro Wallpaper - Reviving fashionably nostalgic 1950-1970
  • Floral Wallpaper - Using plants to create a pleasing and balanced composition
  • Oriental Wallpaper - Influenced by Chinese culture usually set in red, yellow and gold colours
  • Kiddy Wallpaper - Youthful play of bright and light colours
  • 3D Wallpaper - Looks like stones, bricks, tiles or wood in the real world but is 2D instead

2. Use The Right Paper

We strongly encourage home owners to use paper-backed vinyl wallpaper that can be cleaned and most importantly it can be easily removed by simply ripping off the wallpaper from the wall. Generally speaking, paper-backed vinyl wallpaper can be pulled from the wall while it is dry. Starch is the main ingredient of all wallpaper pastes and it softens after a soak time of 15 to 30 minutes. With paper-backed vinyl, the vinyl part gets pulled off the wall and the paper backing gets soaked with water and then scraped off easily. All other types of materials are not advisable especially DIY adhesive wallpaper as they leave a strong sticky paste on the wall; imaging peeling a huge "price tag sticker" from your wall.

3. Feature Wall & Coverage

Next is to decide what wallpaper design is best suited for your feature wall, an area of your room that stands out. It can be done in bold colours and patterns, and does not make the room seem too over-powered. You can decorate feature wall in same colours as accessories that you will be using in the room.

Designers guide for feature wall

  • Feature wall will be the wall that backs the bed
  • Feature wall will be largest wall in hall or room
  • 2nd feature wall lies opposite the 1st feature wall
  • Light-colored furniture – dark-colored wallpaper
  • Dark-colored furniture – Light-colored wallpaper
  • Smaller room – lighter color & smaller pattern
  • Hanging object – select subtle tone & pattern

After selecting the wallpaper for your feature wall, you can decide the remainder of the walls covered with plain wallpaper usually similar and lighter colour than the feature wallpaper. Most plain wallpaper can be found easily under the “Minimalist” or “Elegant” wallpaper categories. The final process of the selection is to calculate the number of rolls of wallpaper for each room. Below is a quick guide for calculation:

  • Korean wallpaper provides about 13 square meters practical coverage per roll (15.6m  x 1.06m)
  • European wallpaper provides about 4 square meters practical coverage per roll (10m  x 0.53m)

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4. Wall Preparation

Generally, most of the HDB or Condo homes in Singapore (after 1990s) do not need any preparation as most have good wall plastering and painting finish. However, do check for wall defects such as unevenness, caving, stones, debris, prolonged stained, mouldy or burnt marked, etc. You can engage contractors to rectify defects, plaster or remove previously installed wall paper or murals (old). Priming or applying sealer is strongly recommended for the following situations:

  • Wall paint is peeling or not sticking to the wall plaster properly;
  • To prevent the old wall colour from showing through the wallpaper.

Most wallpaper shop in Singapore will take about 5 workdays to order and ship the Korean wallpaper and 10 workdays for European wallpaper into Singapore. You may use this period to prepare your wall for wallpaper installation.

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