Looking for Cheap Wallpaper? You're At the Right Site!

For many decades, wallpaper in Singapore was perceived to be only for the rich and famous willing to spend double-digit thousands of dollars in decorating their walls. If you are looking for cheap wallpaper in Singapore, you should know this is now possible based on the following facts:

Reduce the Transportation Costs

Wallpaper manufacturers are found everywhere in the world, let's focus on those that are benchmarked as premium manufacturers with the latest and most innovative technology. These are found traditionally in Europe namely UK, Netherland and Belgium. They provide quality wallpaper but very costly to produce and ship or air freight to Singapore. You will be thinking cheap wallpaper must be from China, however the quality of design and print of the Chinese wallpaper are still inferior currently. Wallaffairs has been stringent in the selection process of good wallpaper, we will not want to use or compare Chinese wallpaper to the European until we are able to prove Chinese wallpaper has reached an international accepted standard. Instead Korean wallpaper in Singapore has gained tremendous popularity due to the ability to prove and provide new designs, innovations and technology applied to the wallpaper. The quality of design, print and paper offered by Korean wallpaper is comparable or may even be better than European wallpaper. Korean wallpaper manufacturers usually replace new collections every 6-12 months period allowing customers to buy wallpaper of the latest trend and modern designs. Assume all are equal between Korean and European wallpaper, one of the biggest advantages of Korean Wallpaper is the air forwarding cost from Korea to Singapore is at least half the cost of importing European wallpaper. Although Wallaffairs carries wallpaper from many different countries, Korean wallpaper will be classified as cheap wallpaper at the highest quality.

Cheap Wallpaper Singapore

Reduce the Rental Costs

Selecting wallpapers in Singapore is back-aching traditionally; flipping wallpaper samples in heavy and gigantic catalogues has to be done standing for hours in some wallpaper shops located in high rental shopping malls. Unfortunately this high cost of rental in Singapore will be eventually passed back to the consumers. Wallaffairs dedicated a year designing an eShop that allows you to select wall paper digitally at the comfort of your home, office or anywhere with internet connectivity. Once you have selected the designs of the wallpaper, you can purchase it online immediately allowing the rental cost savings to be passed back to our clients.

The Results

Our wallpaper prices are generally half the costs of most wallpaper shops in Singapore. Wallaffairs' "Cover Every Wall" packages starting from S$1,800 will cover your entire home with Korean wallpaper. This is cheaper than painting your wall in every 3-5 years as most wallpaper in Singapore climate can last 5-7 years. Using technology and innovation to achieve productivity and affordability (cheaper than painting you walls) is key success of providing cheap wallpaper in Singapore without compromising the highest quality of wallpaper provided.

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