4 Reasons to Buy Your Wall Paper from WallAffairs!

1. Largest Collections of Wallcoverings in Singapore

Wallaffairs is proud to launch Wallpaper Singapore eShop www.wallaffairs.com.sg in July 2014 that has drawn thousands of visitors to buy wallpaper in Singapore. We are the first in Singapore to provide selection of wall papers and wall murals much easier than just visiting a wallpaper shop in Singapore. The eShop is essential as Wallaffairs carries over 8,000 wall paper designs including Korean wallpaper, European wallpaper, Japan wallpaper and others. Wallaffairs also carries one of the world's largest collections of wall murals with over 20 million designs that will suit your styles and passions. You will definitely be spoilt for choice of pictures, photos, arts, 3D illusions, landscapes and also the latest 3D panels (pop-out) that can be easily installed in your home that are very popular in the US and Europe recently. Via the eShop, you can also customized murals through our innovations that print and cover your featured walls precisely.

2. Overcoming Wallpaper Selection Constraints

Selecting wallpapers in Singapore is back-aching traditionally; flipping wallpaper samples in heavy and gigantic catalogues usually weigh about 10kg each has to be done standing for hours to find a design and colour to suit your style. Most people ended up choosing the wrong wallpaper because of the long and tiring selection process even by selecting from a few catalogues in a wallpaper shop in Singapore. Now you can buy wallpaper in Singapore through the eShop that replicate the technology and conveniences to your home, office or anywhere with internet connectivity. It allows you to select wall paper digitally starting by first selecting your personal style, follow by design and finally colour at the comfort of your home filtering unpopular choices based on your liking. Making the right choice of wallpapers for your dream home effortlessly is the key to becoming the most reliable wallpaper supplier in Singapore.

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3. Avoid Regretful Wrong Choices

On top of the Wallpapers Singapore eShop, Wallaffairs also provides a wallpaper showroom in Singapore at Hola Centre displaying a wide range of wall papers, wall murals and 3D panels. The cosy showroom allows you to feel the texture and confirm the colour of the wall papers selected digitally. The wallpaper showroom is equipped with bright white lights to ensure colour quality of the wall paper is matching to your final selection. Clients can also sit and select using Wallaffairs' digitized tablets provided in the showroom. If still in doubts, the eShop allows clients to upload photo of their empty wall at home to simulate different wall murals against it. The combination of eShop and showroom gives our clients the confidence of their choice before committing any purchase. Unfortunately, the showroom is currently closed due to Covid-19 restriction.

4. Breaking the Price Barrier of Painting Your Walls Every 3-5 years

The wallpaper showroom in Singapore is located away from high rental shopping malls allowed the cost savings achieved to be passed back to our clients. Our wallpaper prices are generally half the costs of most wallpaper retailers in Singapore. Wallaffairs' "Cover Every Wall" packages starting from S$1,800 will cover your entire home with Korean wallpaper. This is cheaper than painting your wall in every 3-5 years as most wallpaper in Singapore climate can last 5-7 years. Using technology and innovation to achieve productivity and affordability (cheaper than painting you walls) is another key success of a reliable wallpaper supplier or wallpaper wholesaler providing cheap wallpaper in Singapore.

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