2 Reasons to Buy Wall Paper from WallAffairs Instead of Painting Your Wall!

1. Wall Paint is Boring

Painting your walls is common in Singapore, some painted different colours to make it less boring. That's all you can do to enhance the look using wall paint. Your walls contribute over 60% of what you see when they enter your home, your walls will stand out even with designer furniture lying around. There is always one wall in each room that will stand out; this is what we call a feature wall with the following characteristics:

  • The largest wall in the hall or room
  • The wall that backs the bed
  • 2nd feature wall lies opposite the 1st feature wall

If these feature walls are just painted over without any furniture, you will feel the emptiness or boredom created for yourself when you enter that room. Wallaffairs is one of the largest wallpaper suppliers in Singapore that carries thousands of Korean wallpaper in Singapore and millions of wall murals (3D photo or art) to overcome such horrific boredom in your home. You can be sure to find something that matches your style and passion without sacrificing walking space like most furniture do. Wallaffairs is also the only wallpaper shop in Singapore that provides an eShop (web based) to allow you select and buy wallpaper or mural according to your wall size with precision. Wallaffairs offers each roll of Korean wallpaper in Singapore at only S$180-215 including installation covering up to 13 square meters of wall area that is a sufficient for most feature wall. Most wall murals from Wallaffairs cost less than S$600-800 including installation. Some wall murals create 3D illusions that will make your home bigger or bring back fond memories of inspirations of a place or passions to your family.

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2. Cheaper than Painting Every Wall

Some spent a fortune on built-in wall cabinets, furniture or panels to complement the empty walls. Others try to paint walls in different colours to differentiate. Wallaffairs being a reputable wallpaper supplier in Singapore offers "Cover Every Wall" package at only S$1,800 including installation. This package comes with 10 rolls of Korean wallpaper in different designs selected by you to cover every wall for 1 hall and 2 bedrooms. You must be wondering how this can be cheaper than painting every wall that cost about S$1,500 for low grade paint. The reality is wallpaper can last 5-7 years because of the easy to maintain vinyl material used. Generally, most homes need to repaint their walls every 3-5 years to hide stains, cracks or aged paint. Wallaffairs has already break the barrier of wallpaper covering the entire home at an affordable cost that most can only dream previously as a luxury living in a hotel room. Finally, paint is made of chemical including odorless paint and is harmful to people especially children, elderly and pets. Installing wallpaper uses glue which is paper and starch in nature that is another serious consideration protecting your family health. Have you also notice many developed countries do not paint their home but use wallpaper instead?

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