What is Wall Murals and What are the Advantages over Traditional Wall Paper?

The Difference

Wall mural is photo, artwork or graphic printed on vinyl wallpaper similar to most traditional wallpapers in Singapore. The major difference between wall mural and traditional wallpaper is when hung on the wall, mural will appear like a large picture without a picture frame. Traditional wallpaper is more boring as patterns or pictures will repeat it selves many times when hung to cover a wall. Wallaffairs offers wall murals in Singapore using the same paper-backed vinyl material like most Korean wallpapers in Singapore, it can be easily removed and replace with new photos whenever you like. Wallaffairs is the only wallpaper supplier in Singapore that carries over 20 million murals or you can customize and upload your own photographs, there's bound to be a perfect wall mural just for you.

3D Illusion

Wall mural is like enlarging a high definition photo (i.e. beach) without a photo frame covering the entire wall, the effect is like living in a beautiful beach resort. The 3D illusions create bigger space in a small room like dining along a river overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge or transforming a blank wall like a window overlooking Santorini Greece. 3D wall mural can bring back fond memories or inspirations of a place or holiday at a fraction of the cost of an air ticket. It can add character and unique style to suit your personality and passion in your home. Such 3D illusion is more powerful than those offered by traditional wallpaper usually using brick, stone, wood or tile wall look alike and the patterns are repeated.

Wall Murals Singapore

Individuality Expression

Many people like to express their individuality by commissioning an artist to paint a mural or hang an art piece in their home. Such expression is practiced for century and you can still find them in beautifully preserved homes and castles. Reputable wallpaper supplier in Singapore such as Wallaffairs can now install wall mural in your home with over 20 million photos to select from at a fraction of the cost of commissioning an artist to paint your wall. Wallaffairs will also provide a digital platform using computers or tablets for selecting millions of mural designs or customizing by uploading your own photo that will print and cover your feature walls precisely. The platform will also allow you to upload photo of your empty wall at your home to simulate different wall murals against it. Traditional wallpapers in Singapore do not provide individuality, designs are limited and printed on large quantity to serve a large customer community and many homes can share the same designs.

Passion at Home

Your passion can be sports, travels, etc... Now you can bring such passions into your home enjoying every moment looking at your favourite joy in life. Your nest is no longer just a sanctuary; it is also a place to inspire yourself and your family to look forward to your next big game or trip. The memories and experiences you and your family can appreciate together, traditional wallpapers in Singapore do not bring back memories like a picture does.

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